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Alterations & Repairs

Our sewing department has what it takes to keep you in good repair!  Bring us your newly purchased items for custom fittings and alterations.    If you know what you need, just provide us the instructions and we'll take care of it.  However, if you feel some guidance is necessary, come in and see our seamstresses; one of them will be happy to fit you ensuring the exact alteration is done right for you.

Minor repairs -- and often even the major ones -- are no trouble for our staff.   Whether your pants lost a button,  a  seam or a hem has unraveled, or somehow a rip has appeared in your garment, we can take care of it.  Many minor repairs are even included as part of our dry cleaning service!

All work is done within our facility.  

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Bridal Gowns

Whether you are about to tie the knot, or just had your ceremony and want to preserve the memories, we can help!  Before your wedding, we can steam, press, and finish your gown so you look your best in your big moment walking down the aisle. 

After the festivities bring your gown back to us for cleaning and preservation -- to help your memories last a lifetime.  We package your gown in an archival quality storage box.  As you open the 'story book' lid, you'll enjoy viewing the gown, protected and sealed behind an oval display window.