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Gold Star Delivery Service

In less than a 5-minute phone call, you will begin to enjoy Indy's most affordable convenience!  When you call our Gold Star Delivery "Hotline," 224-3212, our Route Manager will explain how our service works, offer you a few options and ask your preferences for service.  For prices comparable to your neighborhood cleaners, you can be enjoying this affordable convenience! 

And, remember, new customers receive an introductory offer of four $10.00 gift cards to use toward our services!

It really is... as easy as  1, 2, 3...

1. 2. 3.

Call 224-3212 to
begin service or
schedule a pick-up.

Set out your bag on
your pick-up day.

Your clothes are delivered
clean & ready to wear!

Gold Star Delivery Service

1.Call 224-3212 to speak with our Route Manager. 

  • Learn what days we are in your neighborhood or area or check our Delivery Area Map.
  • Fill out our Account Sign-Up form which you can download here on our web site. 
  • Select a pick-up and delivery spot at your home or office.  Front Door, Back Patio, there are many possibilities.
  • Decide if you would like to call-in to schedule a pick-up or if you'd like regular weekly pick-ups.

2.Include your sign-up form in with your first order in a secure plastic bag.  Place your bag in the location you selected with our Route Manager on one of the designated days for service in your area.

3.A few days later, on our next trip through your area, we'll return your clean, freshly pressed clothing to your designated delivery spot, ready for you to wear.  

It's that easy!  Soon, you will also be saying "It's so easy, I wish I started years ago!"










Your order is delivered on our next trip, right to the spot you specify