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News and Informative Articles (Our Blog)

April 7, 2015 -- Cleaners assists Krzyzewski and Blue Devils to victory

It is a great feeling a person has when wearing freshly cleaned and pressed clothes.  Most people feel more self-confident wearing favorite clothes, cleaned and pressed, especially when making a special presentation. 

In the sports arena, it’s always important to be confident when under the national spotlight.  Two and a half hours before a NCAA Final Four game, Tom Prionas, president of Fabric Care Center received the call from a local hotel client.  Mike Krzyzewski, coach of the Duke Blue Devils, needed his suit pressed before that game. Even though the equipment was shut down and the pressers were gone, Fabric Care Center arranged to assist Mr. Krzyzewski’s emergency request and have his suit pressed and back to him with time to spare before the game.

Certainly Blue Devils would have won the game without Mike’s suit being pressed in that close game.  If Mr. Krzyzewski's suit getting pressed gave him one less thing to worry so he could concentrate his confidence on the game--maybe just ever so minutely--Fabric Care Center was the edge in Duke's victory.

Fabric Care Center will never have its name in the paper, a photo with the trophy, a piece of the net, no glitter or even a piece of the streamers from the game. Just the same, it is nice to know for a brief moment in time it came through off the bench and can call itself the “Cleaners of Champions” -- until the next big game!


February 4, 2015 -- Don't Throw Ties Away

Recently, a customer called to ask what to do about one of his favorite ties that was now stained.  He had been throwing his stained ties away because a previous dry cleaner told him they wouldn't clean them.

We were puzzled why another dry cleaner had refused to clean ties. Dry cleaning naturally removes oil and grease the basis for many food stains, and turns the rest of a food stain into white powder that a little steam removes. There are exceptions that may not respond as well to dry cleaning, such as paint, blood, tomato based stains, rust and some others which require extra work.

Reflecting on why his previous dry cleaner would not clean ties, possibly they were worried about color loss.  If we are too aggressive, use too much heat, or apply the wrong set of chemicals, color can be removed in silk ties. Also, manufacturers may use a silk fabric that is not color fast.  If so, there is no way around color loss or color bleeding which is not the dry cleaner's responsibility.

Many dry cleaners do not have a seamstress on staff.  If the tie comes apart in the cleaning process because the interfacing and threads have loosen over time from wear, they have no way of fixing this problem.  However, Fabric Care Center has two seamstresses on staff, and the repair is complimentary when needed.

If you have been throwing stained ties away, like this customer has been, why don't you let us work to restore stained ones. We will dry clean, pay attention to special stains and re-stitch as needed for $ 3.75. This is a great value, especially to save a favorite tie!



December 26, 2013 -- Downtown Grand Opening Special continues through Dec. 31, 2013.

Hurry in this week to our new downtown Indianapolis location before the end of December to enjoy our Grand Opening special of 50% off dry cleaning and 20% off shirts.  Our new store is located at 151 E. Market St. adjacent to the PNC Bank at Delaware and Market Streets.  No time to look for parking?  No worries, call ahead (317-917-3172) or just pull in to the Indiana Parking Garage and pull up to our window where we'll greet you and serve you at your car. 




November 1, 2013 -- New Downtown Store is Open Today!

Good Morning! We at Fabric Care Center are proud to announce that our new downtown location is now officially open!  Our new service counter has been dressed up in our "look" and the Grand Opening Special sign is hanging in the front window.  The few last technical details have been "ironed out" and we are ready to clean and iron out your favorite apparel for you.  Our Hours are weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  

For your convenience, there are 2 Loading Zone parking areas in front of our store, one on each side of the street, or pull-in and Drive-Thru.  



October 30, 2013 -- Downtown Store Opening is Near!

We are excited! We are almost ready to fully open the doors to our new downtown location at 151 E. Market Street!  All the details are coming together, and after a few more technical details to "iron out," we will be able to take care of your dry cleaning and laundry needs from the heart of downtown Indy!  Look for our Grand Opening Specials of 50% off dry cleaning and 20% off shirts.

Whether you work or live downtown, it couldn't be more convenient to take advantage of our Drive-Thru service.  Upon your first visit to our store and establishing your account, it couldn't be easier to drive into the adjacent Express Parking Garage, turn around and pull up to our window.  We will jump out and grab your bag of clothes to clean, or deliver your fresh, ready to wear items to your car!

Located next to the PNC Bank at the corner of Market and Delaware, we'll be ready to serve you beginning November 1.



October 26, 2013 -- Laundry Guidelines

A common assumption is doing laundry is an easy process that anyone can do.  Fabric Care Center also operates an adjacent self-serve laundromat and we frequently witness the results of laundry inexperience and mistakes.  

Here are helpful hints to help you with your laundry.


1. Take time to read the garment care label.  All garments sold in the US are required to have a care label.  


2. Separate clothes by color.  This prevents bleeding that can occur to lighter colored clothes from darker colored clothes.  Whites are in one pile, darks in a second pile, and light colored clothes in a third pile.  


3. Also separate clothes by fabric types.  Delicates should be washed separately.  Lighter weight fabrics use less energy.  Cottons hold more water and require more energy to dry.  


4. Do not over fill the washer.  Clothes need to move freely because natural agitation cleans clothes.  Also, over stuffed dryers require more time and energy to work effectively.  


5. Check your pockets and washers.  One ink pen or crayon can permanently stain a entire load of clothes.   


6. Remove clothes from the dryer quickly to reduce wrinkles.  


If you are too busy to do your own laundry or are dissatisfied with your laundry results, call Fabric Care Center.  We provide Wash and Fold Services.


October 25, 2013 -- New Store Remodeling Complete!

Now that the dust has finally settled on the remodeling of our new store space at 151 E. Market St. in Downtown Indy,  it's time to start moving in.  The paper on the windows has come down and the bright, clean, new interior finishes are visible to all the passers by.  The night time pictures below show how clean and ready the interior is.  Be watching as we begin to move in and get the final details in order in the next several days. 

We are still on track for a November 1st opening, though we may be open sooner!  Custom Expressions Alterations & Design, is also on track for moving in this weekend.  We are excited!

Look at the garage driveway adjacent to our store's side windows - is that our first drive through customer?  Maybe not yet, but that's where our customers can pull up and stop, after a complimentary turn-around in the parking garage.  From this spot, we'll come out and bring you your finished orders or grab your express bag with drop-off clothing to be cleaned.



October 24, 2013 -- Moving?  Please refer us to the New Owner.

Are you moving?  First, if you are still in the Indianapolis area when you move Fabric Care Center can continue to provide service for you wherever your new home is located.  Second, we would appreciate your referral of our service to the new owner of your old home.   


This past summer we have seen a number of our current customers  leave a bag behind along with a letter of recommendation for the new owners of their former home.  Fabric Care Center has added a number of new customers this summer because of this friendly gesture,  Thank you to our established customers and "welcome" to our new customers.  




October 21, 2013 -- Sneak Peek Inside Our New Downtown Store

Good morning Fabric Care Center customers and fans!  We are getting excited about our new store opening.  Our official opening date is November 1, but we may open our doors sooner if everything is ready.  Here's a peek inside at the progress.  It's nearly ready for us to move in.  Get ready, we will be open very soon!






October 20, 2013 -- Dry Cleaners Do More  than  Dry Clean


One of my neighbors showed me a green Timberland light jacket that had an orange stain all over it.  The stain came from water from a rusty pipe while he was wearing it on a EcoTourist cruise in a Honduran jungle this summer.  Another jacket had also been splashed with the rusty water, but had come clean after washing it.  This green jacket, however, had not come clean after washing it five times.  He was concerned about whether the jacket was permanently ruined.  Suspecting it was rust, I asked to take the jacket to work with the stain.  At first his answer was "no." The jacket label said "Do not dry clean." Once I explained we clean all types of fabrics, washables as well as dry cleaning, he agreed to let me take the jacket.   


When I returned the jacket to them a few days later, the rust was gone and it looked like new.   


Do you have a tough stain?  As your stain removal professional  let us get it out, dry clean or machine wash.


Article by James Belt


October 17, 2013 -- Road Construction is Complete!

Finally the construction is complete! The I-465 interchange at West Washington St. and High School Road area is finally done. After four to five years of construction in the region, traffic again moves easily along Washington Street by our main store and plant location just inside (east) of the interchange.

If you have been a customer and have avoided the area due to the construction, it's as easy as ever now to get through. What was taking sometimes 15 to 20 minutes just to get to High School Road, just on the other side of I-465 is now a breeze.

We invite you to come by and check it out, and check us out again. Since the expansion of the lanes on Washington St. leading up to the I-465 interchange, we now have a more "front row" view from the highway. Glance to the east as you are heading to the airport, for example, and you can see our facility just at the first traffic light.

To all of our regular customers, we appreciate your patience through the long construction period, and we thank you!


May 11, 2013 -- Congrats on Indy Cultural Trail!

Congratulations on the Indy Cultural Trail Grand Opening Celebration today!

Fabric Care Center honors the City of Indianapolis in becoming a leading city in bicycle-friendliness.  We now have many new bike lanes on our roadways and bike trails and paths like the Monon and White River Greenway that all lead to the downtown business area via the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. 

Many of you may have considered commuting to work by bicycle but have been reluctant to give it a try.  There is the hassle of carrying business attire on your bike with you as your commute, or planning ahead for it to be there upon your arrival at the end of your commute. 

Did you know that Fabric Care Center, in conjunction with the Indy Bike Hub YMCA, has the answer for that?  Fabric Care Center provides pick-up and delivery of dry cleaning and laundry at the Indy Bike Hub YMCA.  Our convenient Drop Box is located within the entrance area at the Bike Hub at the City Market downtown at Alabama & Market Streets.  Simply ask for a bag at the Bike Hub front desk and everything else you need is located at our Drop Box! 

Your clothes will be delivered back to the Indy Bike Hub YMCA or to any other location you choose - through our Gold Star Delivery Service - such as, your office downtown or your home anywhere in the Indy Metro Area.  Your clothes are always back to you within 3 business days or less. The schedule is located on the sign-up form at the Drop Box or at this link: http://fabriccarecenter.com/indybikehubymca/

By the way, anyone can use our Drop Box at the Bike Hub.  While we support the bicycling culture, you don't have to be a YMCA member or a bicyclist to enjoy this convenient service!

Enjoy your commute for work or play on our new urban trail, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail!


April 19, 2013 -- Plumping Up Your Pillows

Good feather pillows that are "flat" and won't fluff up any more probably need cleaning and refilling.   Over time down and feather pillows flatten out, or lose their bounce, regardless of filling.  The down and feathers disintegrate leaving dust, as well.

Our process cleans and returns the original bounce to your pillows.  Fabric Care Center first removes the filling from its old ticking and discards the old case. Then the filling is processed in a special chamber that sifts out the dust.  An ultraviolet light cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes the filling at the same time.  Finally, the filling is placed into a brand new 100% cotton ticking designed for feather and down pillows.

How much does it cost?   The price for cleaning a pillow is based on the size of the ticking.   


26x19..... $15.50   (Standard)

29x20....  $18.00   (Queen)

35x20....  $19.50   (King)

Fabric Care Center can also add more feathers or down to restore the size of the pillow.  Four ounces of 90% feathers/10% down is an additional $3.00.  This is about the area of a small loaf of bread. Four ounces of down is $26.00.  Additional feathers or down are used only when you request it.

Call or email Fabric Care Center for more details about this new service we are offering.  You may like it so much you'll want to do it annually for your health and comfort!

James Belt --


April 2, 2013 -- Still Accepting Donations for Riley Cancer Center Children's Prom

The "Women for Riley" organization is still seeking donations of prom and formal dresses to be used by Riley Children's Hospital Oncology patients.  Although all sizes are accepted, smaller sizes for girls between the ages of two and six are particularly needed.  Accessories and especially "bling" things that makes this prom an event of a lifetime are also highly desirable donation items.  Boy's suits are also special donated items in high demand.  If you wish to donate items please contact James Belt, either by phone at (317) 224-3212, or e-mail at james@fabriccarecenter.com.

Why Riley?  Riley is a good match.  Fabric Care Center became involved with Riley Children's Foundation over three years ago.  They needed to have the donated clothes cleaned to reduce any pathogens for their pediatric oncology patients, and we were looking for a way to give back to our community because our company has been blessed.  In the second year we participated, Olivia Bell went to the prom.  Olivia was the granddaughter of an employee of Fabric Care Center.  She shared the hopes and fears of Olivia as she struggled to be a child.  Sadly, Olivia passed Christmas Eve, 2011.


The prom is scheduled for early May 2013.  (Click to see a short video of the Riley Cancer Center  Prom 2012)   We appreciate your support.

March 26, 2013 -- Life's Too Short To Iron

Why slave over an ironing  board when all you need to do is throw the clothes in a bag, and give us a note to "press only"? 
With the exception of machine pressed dress shirts, you can send us your washable clothing and have us iron them. 
The price for "press only" is 25% less than the regular dry clean and press price.  Leave the "I forgot to fold or hang my clothes" look for someone else. 
We press everything from your favorite souvenir music concert T-shirts to wedding gowns.


-- By James Belt


March 22, 2013 -- Hendricks County Home Show

While winter is ending, and we are experiencing what we hope are the last vestiges of the cold  weather, we are also  coming toward  the end of the winter exhibit season.   But before we are done...

Currently this weekend, we are exhibiting at the Hendricks County Home & Garden Show at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds Expo Hall.  Come and check us out at the show!  It runs today and tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, March 22 and 23.  Friday it's from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Admission is just $10 and kids under 12 are  free.

At right, you can see our Route Manager, James Belt, all set up and ready to greet the fine folks of Danville, Hendricks County, and all of the metro area about the affordable convenience of our Gold Star Delivery Service to your home or office!

Earlier this year Fabric Care Center participated in the Indianapolis Home Show  at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, as well as several other exhibit events throughout the year. 

December 19, 2012 -- Cleaning Up After A Holiday Feast:  A Guided Tour For  Stain Removal


Sharing the holidays with family and friends usually includes bring out your fine table cloths and linens.  If you have an emergency and can not send your items to Fabric Care Center in time, here are some a simple procedures to address common stains.  As with any stain removal technique, test an unused corner at first to see whether the fabric is colorfast or not, or just send the item to us to clean.


Candle Wax Gently lift off the larger pieces of wax.  Put Table cloth in freezer.  Wax should peel off.  Die from wax may require professional care.


Wine & Coffee Lightly touch with an absorbent towel to draw up the liquid or place paper towels under the spill.  Blotting can spread the stain.  After dinner: rinse in cool water; treat with a mild detergent and white vinegar.


Salad Oil This is the worst because it can yellow with age if not removed.  Cover a big spill at the table with absorbent powder.  Apply a mild detergent mixed with household ammonia, ASAP.  Wait 5-10 minutes and wash in the hottest water safe for the fabric.



Cranberry Rinse with cool water and treat with a mild detergent and white vinegar before washing.

It is always best to wash stained items or send the items to us as soon as possible.  If your table linens are colored or have colored embroidery check for colorfastness before using the various stain removal products.  If the stain is still present after cleaning, DO NOT put it in the dryer to dry.  The heat could set the stain permanently.  


Eat and be merry responsibly.  Clean responsibly.


By James Belt and contributions from Plantenga's Cleaners in Michigan


Fabric Care Center is your Fabric Care Specialist

Let us relieve your holiday stress.



December 2, 2012 -- Christmas Toy Drive

For those of you that visit our store location on the Westside of Indy, we would like to let you know that we are a participating drop-off location for the Enviroforensics and WRTV Channel 6 annual Christmas Toy Drive.

When you come into our store, new and unwrapped toy donations are being accepted up to December 10th in the box in our lobby.

If you are a Gold Star Delivery Customer and wish to contribute, place your new, unwrapped toy donation in a separate bag marked "Toy Drive" and put it out with your blue bag this week. Our driver will pick it up and make sure it gets added with the donations!

Thank You!


November 28, 2012 -- Starla West Blog

One of our Gold Star Delivery clients, Starla West, is an image consultant and owner of Starla West International, her consulting firm.

In her blog, Starla recently wrote about her experience with food sauces on her silk blouse.  She related the first few steps she took, and then quoted our own Route Manager, James Belt, in how to document your spots when sending them in for us to remove for you while dry cleaning your clothing.

Click this link to read her entire blog entry, or copy and paste this:

About Starla from her web site:  "We assist business professionals with proper management of their appearance, behavior and communication skills so that they confidently navigate the business world with ease, and we would be delighted to do that for you."


November 1, 2012 -- It’s a Trick to Clean Costumes

Now that Halloween is over, you might be wanting to preserve the memories of the occasion by saving your "Little Angel's" (or "Little Devil's") costume as a keepsake or for a younger child to consider wearing for future Halloweens.  But Halloween is filled with treacherous stain possibilities like make-up, chocolate and more.  What to do?  Here is the adventure of our route manager, James Belt with his daughter's costume:

My daughter’s school picked last Friday, October 26th to allow children to wear their Halloween costumes to school. So my youngest wore her costume and somehow came home covered in a papier-mâché like substance. Since I am the “cleaning expert,” I decided to read the label and find a way to clean the costume. My wife left for Wal-Mart to find another costume and to get some other items. When I read the label it said:

•  Do not wash
•  Do not dry clean
•  Wipe clean with damp cloth

I sat down and started wiping. I stopped half way through to call my wife to tell her the costume was coming clean, and take a picture (shown here).

Children’s costumes are now constructed with glue and other disposable materials, rather than sewing fabric with thread. After cleaning my daughter’s costume I reattached the strings, and with a little luck it will survive the evening of Halloween. Her outfit did not require professional care, and always read the label to determine the best solution. Happy Halloween!

James was successful getting his daughter's costume clean on his own.  Some spots like costume make-up are not as easily tackled at home.  Also, some costumes that are hand made do not have care labels to consult.  Our professional staff is here to help.  Call with a question or better yet, let us see the problem by bringing in or sending in the costume.  We are happy to look at something and then consult with you before we take action. Just let us know what you'd like.


October 25, 2012 -- Alterations & Repairs Done In-House

Do you need a hem adjusted, sleeves adjusted on a jacket, zippers replaced, or a lining or pocket replaced? 

If you can clearly describe what you need, we can perform the alteration for a fee.  For complicated repairs that require a fitting, we suggest you call ahead and make an appointment to visit our seamstress. 

Unlike a number of other cleaners that send this work away to an outside alteration shop, we do our own alterations and repairs in house. 

We find we can perform your requested alteration faster and perform necessary repairs on your clothing without needing to calculate how much the charge will be to serve you, by keeping it in house.


October 17, 2012 -- The Friend Connection

-- By James Belt

The other day, a childhood friend of mine called me to ask for a favor.  He also happens to be a customer of Fabric Care Center.  He had sent in a shirt on Friday to be cleaned, and then realized he wanted to wear that shirt Saturday night.  I told him that having the shirt ready was no problem, and that I would drop it off on my way home that Saturday afternoon.  He was grateful and sounded concerned about me going out of my way.

What I wanted to share is this:  I am willing to perform this favor for any of our home delivery customers. You don't need to be an old childhood friend.  Admittedly, there are occasions where it won't work out, and I must say "no."  With seven vans and several other employees driving around the city, I sometimes feel like an air traffic controller while organizing and dispatching them to meet customer requests.  Sometimes, I am the one driving to the farthest reaches of our route.

To get your very own Friend Connection, just call me at 224-3212 and our staff will be happy to serve.


To zoom in and interact with our Delivery Area Map (pictured), click here.



September 12, 2012 -- Thank You For Recycling

-- By James Belt


As our Gold Star Delivery drivers take vacations, I get the opportunity to visit our customers' homes to pick up or deliver clothes.  Recently, I noticed how many customers are recycling their hangers and other packaging items, such as clips, butterflies, and safety pins.  I was particularly pleased to find hangers outside the bags rather than inside the bags.

For those of you that are new to the Fabric Care Center, we suggest you place hangers outside the bags rather than inside the bags because the hook end of the hanger can damage clothing. 

If you would like a hanger holder (pictured here) to make it easier to recycle them, please contact your driver or me and we will get you one. When you set out your full hanger holder, your driver will pick it up and also replace it with another fresh one, so you can easily continue collecting and recycling hangers.  And, thank you for recycling!

September 10, 2012 -- Rainy Weather


We have had record hot and dry weather during the months of June and July. Recent rains and thunderstorms have   relieved some of this dry weather. The recent downpours remind us about setting out and delivering clothes in wet weather conditions.  The blue bags we provide you to put your clothes in are water resistant, but not water proof.  If the the forecast calls for rain on your pick-up day, you may opt to put your clothing in a plastic bag within our blue bag, for protection to keep them dry. If your clothes do happen to be wet when they are picked up, Fabric Care Center will air dry them before we begin cleaning.

If our Gold Star Delivery driver believes your clothes may get wet due to rain at delivery time, he may choose to hold your clothes and then call to make arrangements to deliver them at another time. If they get wet after they are delivered, take them out of the plastic bag and air dry them separately. In particular, separate brightly colored silk clothes and shirts.


June 20, 2012 -- Preserving Wedding Memories

You carefully planned your wedding. Then you spent hours trying on dresses, finally finding the perfect gown. Once the day is over, how do you care for your beautiful dress to either preserve it as a keepsake or perhaps share with your own daughter to wear on her wedding day? We are here to help - you will need a professional's help before storing this treasure.

Beware of invisible stains from food, beverages, and body oil. If these stains are not properly cleaned, they may become permanent. Therefore, it is important to point out any stains or spills to our Fabric Care Center staff before cleaning. The danger in wedding dresses is untreated stains attract bacteria that can damage the garment.


You may also choose to have Fabric Care Center preserve the dress.  It is a good idea to pack veils and other wedding mementoes in the keepsake box.                                 

Ask us for details 317-224-3212.


June 12, 2012 -- Thank You!

We have been working with Riley Children's Foundation for 3 years now with the transportation and cleaning of donated formal wear for the Riley Cancer Center Prom each May. 

This year, we also worked with the folks at Riley Children's Foundation to help us build-up our fan base here on Facebook. 

We offered a pledge to donate $1.00 for each their Facebook fans who LIKE of our Fabric Care Center page through the end of May. We received 236 likes in that time period. We are making a $250.00 donation to the Riley Children's Foundation. 

We would like to thank all those who supported this campaign by LIKE-ing us and supporting Riley, as well. Thank you very much!


June 5, 2012 -- Video Testimonial

Your compliments are one of our greatest rewards. Mrs. Nanette Ritter is one of our Gold Star Delivery Service customers, receiving her dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service at her home on the Northwest Side of the Greater Indianapolis Metro area. 

Click on the video link
www.facebook.com/FabricCareCenter and then scroll down a bit to see what Mrs. Ritter enjoys about Fabric Care Center's quality and service, our staff and the confidence she has in us to take care of her clothing and keep her family looking great.

Thank you Mrs. Ritter, and thanks to all our customers! We value our relationship with you, and we appreciate your business.




We hope all our fans and customers have had a good and enjoyable Memorial Holiday weekend. Due to the holiday, our route schedules are adjusted this week as follows:

Monday customers will be served on Tuesday and Thursday this week.
Tuesday customers will be served on Wednesday and Friday this week. 

Please put out your bags on the appropriate day and our drivers will be by to pick up them up. We thank you for your business and appreciate our relationship with you.

As a reference, see our home delivery map on our web site:

May 22, 2012 -- Common Sense Rules for Summer Storage

Now that winter is over, it's time to store away all those winter clothes until next season. Follow these simple rules to keep your winter fashions looking good season after season.

  1. Dry clean or launder everything before storage. Some stains that are now invisible may darken with age. Dirt and food are also invitations to insects.
  2. Make all necessary repairs - sew sagging hemlines, replace missing buttons, and fix split seams - before cleaning and storing for the season.
  3. Store all items in a cool, well-ventilated area. Hot attics, damp basements, and garages are to be avoided.
  4. Store away from natural and artificial light. A cool, dark closet is a good location for storage. Store woolens in cedar chests or other airtight containers. Second choices for storage are cloth or canvas bags and cardboard boxes. If you store your garments in a closet, drape a cloth sheet over your clothes to protect them from dust and light. Do not store leathers, furs, and woolens in plastic. Plastic encourages moisture, which can create mildew.
  5. To decrease wrinkles in sweaters, fold them and wrap in white tissue paper before storing. If you hang your sweaters, fold over the cross bar to avoid shoulder stretches.
  6. Down, like all winter clothing, should be cleaned (either washed or drycleaned according to the care label) before storage. Down should be stored loosely to allow for air circulation.
  7. Furs should be stored on a well padded hanger in a cool, dark, dry place.

By following these easy steps, your wardrobe will be ready for wearing when the cold and snow once again becomes the norm... NEXT winter.


May 16, 2012 -- New Billboard Presence

Our west side residents and customers who live in the Brownsburg area may have noticed a new image on their way to or from their daily activities on Crawfordsville Rd. near the future Ronald Reagan Parkway shortcut to I-74.  We are proud to be presenting a new awareness of our Gold Star Delivery Service in billboard advertising to the Brownsburg area. 

Look for our billboard in other western suburban areas in the coming months along the main arteries in the areas of Avon and Plainfield.  In the future you may see us along your commute too!


May 14, 2012 -- Our James Belt on the Radio

This week our own James Belt will be a guest on Indy's Trusted Servant show on Radio Indy Small Biz. This program is hosted by Danny O'Malia who is Indy's Trusted Servant. Danny learned Customer Service from the age of 8 from the master, his late father, Joe O'Malia. He was CEO of O'Malia Food Markets from 1986 to 2006 and he's been delivering Customer Service Trianing and Keynote Speaking since 2007.

To listen to the show, click this link: http://www.indysmallbiz.com/radio-indy-smallbiz-guide

Danny's Customer Service blog is here: http://indystrustedservant.blogspot.com

May 9, 2012 -- Here's another way to -- Help us Support Riley Children's Foundation.

Donate $20.00 to Riley Children's Foundation, and get a gift card pack for $40.00 of FREE dry cleaning from Fabric Care Center. Call our Gold Star Delivery Service hotline, 224-3212, and our Route Manager will personally introduce you to our most convenient way to always look your best! For more details visit our Riley page, click this link: http://bit.ly/KN4H5G

May 3, 2012 -- Our Latest Testimonial. 

New customer Mike Childs was pleased with his first experience of our Gold Star Delivery Service.   Read what he shared with us about how he enjoyed the appearance of his suits when he got them back from Fabric Care Center on our Testimonials page.

April 27, 2012 -- Mother's Day is around the corner.

As the end of April nears, Mother's Day will be here before you know it. This year do something extra nice for Mom.  Give her a break from the usual routine of the weekly laundry and have Fabric Care Center do it! Our special offer of 50 lbs. of laundry for only $50.00 is a great way to give Mom the  break she deserves. 

To take advantage of this great offer, print out the coupon below and include it with your laundry order.  For more details  call us at 224-3212.  What a great way to say "Thank You" to your mom for all the wonderful things she's done for you, and probably still does!


April 24, 2012 -- Clothes Line or Dryers? -- by James Belt, Business Development Manager

Last October, I took my family to Greece to visit my aunts and uncles that reside there. I wanted my children to share the same experiences that I had as a child.

To reduce the amount of clothes that we would carry for the trip, we planned to do some laundry while we were in Greece. Since we stay with my family, I tried to find a Laundromat in Athens so as not to impose on my family's generosity. Not finding a Laundromat, we conceded to my aunt's hospitality and used her washing machine.

Washing clothes in a foreign land can be quite different than in America. Washing machines are typically smaller and use one third of the water that our Top Loading washers do. What was even more surprising was that my aunt had no dryer. Clothes were hung on a clothes line to dry. In the land of sunny beaches and hot summers, it had to rain most of the time we were there. So a clothes line was hung in the house and our clothes occupied it. They felt a little stiff and lacked the familiar softness of our home dryer.

Later when I spoke with my cousins, they explained to me that most homes don't have dryers. They said that many people will send clothes to the local cleaners for pressing or the press the clothes themselves. The pressing with steam, makes the clothes softer.

April 23, 2012 -- Fabric Care Center supports Riley Children's Foundation's Cancer Center Prom

Fabric Care Center is invested in our community. For the third consecutive year, we have supported Riley Children's Foundation and the Women for Riley organization in preparing for the Cancer Center Prom.

Fabric Care Center has provided l
ogistical support as well as the cleaning and preparation of all donated dresses and other clothing for the Riley kids to select from. See this related article from the Indianapolis Star for more on this story.



April 18, 2012 -- Fabric Care Center Joins National Hanger Recycling Effort

Ten million fewer hangers will make their way to landfills this year, thanks to the help of Fabric Care Center and other participants of the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute's "DLI
Cleaners Care - Hanger Recycling" program. The program began as a U.S. project but has extended to nations abroad.

Fabric Care Center formerly recycled 20,000 hangers each year on its own, but by joining with associated cleaning businesses across the nation the company was able to contribute to a greater goal. "We're proud to be part of a program that keeps hangers out of landfills and helps reduce our industry's carbon footprint," said Tom Prionas, President of Fabric Care Center. "We want our customers to know that we care about the environment and the future as much as we care about cleaning their garments."

Fabric Care Center is working with many other dry cleaners on the Dry cleaning & Laundry Institute's DLI Cleaners Care Hanger Recycling program. The national effort aims to send 10 million fewer hangers to landfills in 2012, and hopes to see that number grow beyond that. "This program is designed to help the environment, customers, and cleaners," said DLI CEO Mary Scalco. "2012 is our first year with this program and we're shooting for 10 million fewer hangers in landfills. We want to see that number grow as awareness of the program spreads."

To do your part, simply request a hanger caddy from Fabric Care Center. Once you have one, every time you fill it up, we will replace it with a fresh empty one so you can keep collecting and recycling all your hangers. Thank you!



After a long slumber, your spring and summer clothes will need to be awakened adn taken out of storage. Warmer clothing, such as long skirts and heavy jackets can be safely tucked away to make room for the les
s-inhibiting light fabrics of spring. How your stored spring and summer wardrobe looks when it comes out of storage has a lot to do with what precautions you took when you put it in.

Clean the garments to ensure that left over body oils or spills don't attract insects. Insects can sniff out a spot of ginger ale from miles away and they have ways of getting inside your closet or attic.

Fold and store the garments in a dark, well-ventilated area. Do not store in plastic bags. Many dyes fade if exposed to sunlight or artificial light. This is especially true for silk. Fume fading is caused by a reaction of atmospheric oxides of nitrogen with certain dyes, resulting in permanent color change. Make sure your boxes are stored away from exhaust gasses or heating fumes.

Make sure the storage area is dry. Mildew is more than just an unpleasant odor. It is a fungus that usually develops on soiled garments or items that are stored in damp or humid conditions. Mildew appears as irregular purple, gray, black or yellow speckled stains.

When you get your garments out of storage, check for any of the above listed damages, then wake them up.

The odor from moth balls or crystals is difficult to remove. Try airing the garments by hanging them outside in the shade. If this does not completely remove the odor, cleaning the garments should bring them back.

Many people store their clothing in the off-season to keep safe, but by not taking the proper precautions you could be putting next year's wardrobe into jeopardy.



A properly tailored suit is an item that can flatter almost any personal physique. Preserving that suit can extend the life of your garment for a considerable time. Here are a few key points that can help
you preserve your suit:

Always keep your suit together. Do not wear or clean your suit as separates. The suit pieces will no longer match if worn as separates and exposed to light or cleaning separately.

Protect your suit from fading. Suits can fade when exposed to light for long periods of time, especially, black, brown, dark blue and dark gray.

Remove your suit coat. Sitting on your suit coat can distort the wool and stretch the jacket so that the lining no longer fits and works with the "shell." When acceptable remove the coat.

Not all soil is visible. Under normal conditions we recommend cleaning a suit after wearing it four times. Oil from your body, soda, alcohol, and other kinds of dirt can grind into the fabric and wear it out.

Hang with Care. Wooden shaped hangers are the best way to preserve your suit. The best way to store your suit is to remove it from the hangers we provide and store it on shaped hangers. You may also send the wooden hanger with your suit, and we will return it on the hanger.